About Us


What makes us different?

Worknation is a growing collaborative work space thoughtfully designed to enable people and businesses to grow. We aim to inspire collaboration, productivity and innovation through our platform and network.

We believe in making individuals realize their potential and provide them with the network and resources they need to succeed. We want to create a culture of togetherness, innovation, and ambition for a generation of change-makers through our ecosystem. We offer support through a curated community focused on the future of work.

Our Mission

We are a community-driven work space committed to maximum impact. Our mission is to elevate the startup founders and entrepreneurs’ consciousness. We have built a platform that supports growth, shared experiences and true success.

Our Team

Syed Irtaza Ali

Chief Executive Officer

Fahad Rasheed

Chief Operating Officer

Saba Kalsoom

Community Leader

Syed Wajeeh

Administration Head

We Are



We are an inclusive workspace accessible to all with a platform to create, connect and collaborate.


We believe in introducing or using new ideas or methods to contribute towards an innovative ecosystem.


We believe in an individual's ability to turn ideas into action which includes creativity and innovation.


By working together we can create something bigger, better and more meaningful.

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